What should be the best insights for B2B business

Last night this question got raised in my mind, I was also struggling to find best insights for B2B. Few of my thought, I wanna share with you all on my this blog.

Successful KPIs for B2B


  1. % of our traffic came from our targeted industries (Example : Retail, Banking, Telecom, Life science etc)
  2. % of our traffic came from the industries we are not targeting
  3. Traffic percentage from existing clients
  4. Traffic volume from prospect clients


  1. Landing page adhesiveness by Existing clients & prospect clients
  2. Most popular content (For Each Industry/Clients)
  3. Most shared content (For Each Industry & By all existing/prospect clients)


  1. Number of Contact us forms filled (Industry Specific/By Existing & Prospects clients)
  2. Number of requests for Call (Industry Specific/By Existing & Prospects clients)
  3. Webinar/Events signups (Industry specific / By existing & prospects clients )
  4. Number of Demo requests
  5. Downloaded PDFs/White Papers/Case studies by Industry & clients(Existing & Prospects)
  6. No of Video views (Industry specific , Client speaks etc)
  7. Newsletter sigh-ups