What should be the best metrics for Content

How do we measure the performance of our content? Last night , one of my friend asked me this question, & i was also struggling to tell him best metrics for Content Analysis. Few of my thought, I wanna share with you all on my this post.

Successful Metrics for Content Marketing

Consumption Metrics:

  • How many peoples are reading & downloading my content?
  • From which channel they are coming to my content?
  • How frequently they are coming and how in-depth is their consumption?

Sharing Metrics:

  • Which content are being shared?
  • What type of content are being shared?
  • Who is sharing my content?
  • In which platform , They are sharing my content?

Lead Metrics:

  • From my content, how many peoples are coming to my contact us page?
  • How many leads are generated from my content?

Sales Metrics:

  • How is my content creating sales funnel that is Content > Download > Fill the Form(Generate Lead) > Sale or Driving Revenue