Choose best excel chart for Data Analysis & Reporting

Today I’ll discuss how to make meaningful graph in excel. We all love to do segmentation at the time of Data Analysis & why not, these allow us to find those fruitful states from the heap of data. There are many type of charts available in excel to deal with different – 2 kinds of data. We use charts for presenting our analysis in fruitful and easy format.
Top 3 most important chart types :
Column Chart: Column chart is used to compare values across categories by using vertical bars.Column chart is a best way to present data, when each category has sub-categories. Example : We can track traffic for each month, with the sub-categories of traffic source (Direct, Organic, Paid, Social, email)
column Chart.jpg
Line Chart : Line chart is used to show the trends over time (Years, Months, days, Weeks etc). Line graph is also useful when expressing changes in value between more than 1 category of data. Example: By using line graph, we can easily measure share of voice on monthly basis and also compare trends of 2-3 categories.
Pie Chart : Pie charts is very easy & famous visualization in data analysis, In pie chart, we do segmentation of our data into sections where each section represent a portion of the total measurement. Pie chart is useful when we have only one data series. Example: If we want to show region wise traffic.