Dark Social. Interesting but confusing

Yesterday, I read one Forbes magazine article in my smartphone & I just loved it. Immediately, I send it to my friend’s WhatsApp account. My friend clicked the link & read the article & shares it with his friends via SMS or Chat.

Suddenly, One question raised in my mind, Can Forbes magazine able to track the traffic for this article? The answer will be yes. But in which traffic source?

As per my understanding, Traffic will be Social Media referral traffic because it was shared via WhatsApp. On the other side, In analytics tool, traffic source for this article will be Direct traffic. But in the reality, this article traffic will come under “Dark Social Traffic“.

In my this post, I will explain, what is Dark Social Traffic & how to fix it

What is ‘Dark Social Traffic’ : Traffic from the private messaging apps (WhatsApp, Snapchat, Hike, SMS etc.) to the website.

In analytics tool, Dark social traffic comes under direct traffic, but actually it is untraceable referral traffic.

Here are few channels that are responsible for dark Social Traffic:

  • Messaging Apps : WhatsApp, WeChat, Snapchat, Viber, Facebook Messenger etc.
  • Secure browsing – HTTPS
  • Personal Chat – Google hangout, Skype

How to fix this?

We won’t be able to fully track Dark social traffic , but we can use below techniques to track it :

Use UTM codes(tag) in your every post with the help of URL builder

  1. Any PDF in your website ? Tag it
  2. Are you using website url in your email signature? Tag it as well
  3. Posting on social media channels? Tag it
  4. Sharing a url in email? Tag it

Boost your social sharing

Put social sharing button in your post so that audience will click there and land to your page instead of copy paste and share it on private network. You can try to integrate WhatsApp sharing within your sharing buttons.

Have you experienced these type of  traffic? What measurement technique do you use?

Please share with me in the comments section!


Choose best excel chart for Data Analysis & Reporting

Today I’ll discuss how to make meaningful graph in excel. We all love to do segmentation at the time of Data Analysis & why not, these allow us to find those fruitful states from the heap of data. There are many type of charts available in excel to deal with different – 2 kinds of data. We use charts for presenting our analysis in fruitful and easy format.
Top 3 most important chart types :
Column Chart: Column chart is used to compare values across categories by using vertical bars.Column chart is a best way to present data, when each category has sub-categories. Example : We can track traffic for each month, with the sub-categories of traffic source (Direct, Organic, Paid, Social, email)
column Chart.jpg
Line Chart : Line chart is used to show the trends over time (Years, Months, days, Weeks etc). Line graph is also useful when expressing changes in value between more than 1 category of data. Example: By using line graph, we can easily measure share of voice on monthly basis and also compare trends of 2-3 categories.
Pie Chart : Pie charts is very easy & famous visualization in data analysis, In pie chart, we do segmentation of our data into sections where each section represent a portion of the total measurement. Pie chart is useful when we have only one data series. Example: If we want to show region wise traffic.